What Medical Astrology Says About Your Zodiac Sign

Taurus governs the throat, neck and ears, also the nose, teeth, and hearing.

A strong Taurus gives good hearing and fine teeth, but still an openness to flu and the common cold. A weakened Taurus easily results in getting a cold or a flu, also hoarseness and problems with the teeth.

Taurus Strengths and Weaknesses

What is normally a forte in people born in your Zodiac sign can be a weakness when you are troubled. That depends on how much you live your life according to your sun sign traits and wishes.

Taurus is grounded, if not rooted, in what is natural. Everyday life is the lasting sensation that others only get from the extraordinary. If things get hectic, Taurus is out of balance. The same happens when radical change takes place, rocking Taurus’ habits. Status quo is the ideal, anything else causes worry and may lead to ailments although Taurus is usually as healthy as can be, resisting most bacteria and viruses as if immune to them.

So, when Taurus’ circles are disturbed, the most likely thing to happen is the common cold. The nose and throat become the victims. Taurus doesn’t handle stress well, so that also easily leads to getting a cold or the flu. A long time of hectic life may show itself in allergy or asthma, maybe bad hearing as well.

Rest is usually the best medicine for Taurus. After a long night’s sleep most symptoms have eased significantly, and after a few days of just staying home and doing nothing can cure just about everything. Taurus also gets significant health benefits from eating well – more so than most other people are affected by it. And Taurus probably needs to eat a little more than others.

Your Decan of Taurus

Every Zodiac sign is divided into three parts of 10° (which equals ten days) each – the cardinal, fixed and mutable decan. Your Zodiac sign influence depends to some extent on which of the decans the sun was in at your birth.

For Taurus it is like this: those who were born in April belong to the first decan, those born in the beginning of May belong to the second, and those born in the middle of May the third decan.

Now, the first decan of Taurus concerns the nose in particular. If you have your birth sun in this decan, you get problems with your nose as soon as things are not going your way or you feel stress. It can get clogged or itchy or both. Breathing gets a bit complicated. Usually it’s enough to settle down and relax for the symptoms to go away.

The second decan relates mostly to the throat. When stressed, a Taurus of this decan gets hoarse and is prone to start coughing. A sore throat will usually heal once Taurus calms down and gets some rest – not just minutes, but a full night’s sleep.

The third decan is mainly connected to the ears, so when a Taurus in this decan is uncomfortable, the hearing might be affected. It can seem like selective hearing, and maybe to some extent it is – as a method to relax and get less involved in whatever bothers Taurus at the moment. The problems usually go away as quickly as they appeared, if Taurus turns away and gets some quality time. A moment of silent solitude might be enough.

Other Health Issues

Of course, whatever Zodiac sign you are, there are many different ailments and health issues that you can have to deal with. But to examine those in medical astrology, your sun sign is not enough. You need to look at your complete horoscope birth chart – maybe also transit aspects to it.

The Zodiac Man

The old tradition in medical astrology for the Zodiac signs is what is called The Zodiac Man or Astrological Man, where each body part is assigned a certain Zodiac sign – as can be seen on the Medieval illustration here. In my readings, I have altered some or added to it, but the usual division is:




neck, throat, ears


lungs, arms, fingers




heart, blood




hips, kidneys


genitals, rectum









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