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What Your Zodiac Sign Predicts About 2014

You Zodiac sign, or star sign, is where the sun was at the time of your birth. That doesn't change. But after your birth, the planets have moved on. This is what is used in astrological forecasts. See what astrology can predict about 2014, based on only your Zodiac sign.

How Zodiac Sign Prediction Is Made

The complete horoscope chart consists of much more than your Zodiac sign, which is the position of the sun at the moment of your birth. All the planets are included in the real chart, as well as the angles between them and other things. In traditional astrology, all these things are analyzed for a proper forecast.

       Zodiac sign based astrological prediction, though, deals only with what sign the sun occupied at the time of your birth, and the aspects it forms to the planets as they continue their movement around the Zodiac.

       Therefore, predictions based only on your Zodiac sun sign can't be very precise. Still, they give some general clues, since the sun is almost as important in the horoscope as it is in the sky above us.

       It shows your situation and sentiment when you're not involved in other things, for example when you rest or are unoccupied by something special.

       A 2014 astrological prediction based only on what Zodiac sign your sun occupies can only be vague and incomplete. It may also be completely wrong, if other ingredients in your horoscope contradict it.

       For a full bodied and complete 2014 horoscope reading that takes all horoscope ingredients into account, see my reading of the 2014 World horoscope:

The 2014 World Horoscope

       Anyway, for your amusement - below are links to webpages with forecasts of what the year might hold for you, based only on your sun sign. Take it for what it is.

How to Recognize Fakes

Unfortunately, Internet and other media are full of horoscope texts that are pure fake, written without any consideration of what astrology really says. They don't bother to check transits and other astrological circumstances. They barely bother about a correct understanding of what the Zodiac sun sign trats are according to astrology.

       So, how to recognize those fakes? A dead giveaway is if the text is full of concrete specifics, such as promises of salary increases, the meeting of tall dark strangers, and so on. That's just not possible with Zodiac sign based prediciton, so you'll know the writer applied something else - usually pure imagination. The more specifics you find, the less you should trust the forecast.

       Also, be suspicious of a text of any length that mentions absolutely nothing about the astrology behind how the predicitons are reached. What can be said by astrological means is only what the astrological components suggest, usually by aspect between planets and such. If no clue is given to any of the predictions, most likely astrology is not used at all.

       Another method to reveal fakes is if all the predicitons are positive, or if any slightly negative predicitons is immediately countered by a vastly more positive one. That's more like advertising than astrology. The latter gives you both good and bad news - also the news that might be the most irritating: sometimes nothing significant will happen in your life. So, if the forecast sounds too good to be true, it probably is.

The 2014 Complete World Horoscope
The 2014 World Horoscope, for the New Year, based on Greenwich. When making the predictions for your Zodiac sign, I have used this horoscope. I've simply made a reading based on the planets in your sign or in aspects to your sign.

Your Zodiac Sign 2014 Horoscope Forecast

Here are my websites with predictions based on the Zodiac signs, where I compare those sun positions with the planetary movements during the year. That's how it's done in classical astrology.

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Limitations of Zodiac Sign Astrology

I've only written about things that are evident in the horoscope in relation to your star sign (the Zodiac sign of the sun in your horoscope). That's not a whole lot, but if I didn't follow that rule it would be pure speculation, and not astrology. If you want a complete astrological prediction for 2014, it needs to involve your whole horoscope chart, compared to planetary movements in the sky through the year. That's not possible on a website.

       To learn more about how complete astrology works, please go to my website about horoscopes and astrology in general, where you also find several examples of complete horoscope chart readings:


My Astrology Book

Your Health in Your Horoscope. Book by Stefan Stenudd.

Your Health in Your Horoscope

This book explains what your horoscope says about your health, according to the old tradition of medical astrology. You learn what the Zodiac signs, the planets, and the other ingredients of the horoscope reveal about many health issues and different types of illnesses. Also, celebrity horoscope charts are used to show how a health reading is made. Click the image to see the book (and Kindle ebook) at Amazon.


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