Zodiac Sign Astrology

Zodiac Sign Astrology

Character Traits of Your Star Sign

What Your Zodiac Sign Reveals

You Zodiac sign, or star sign, is where the sun was at the time of your birth. The complete horoscope consists of much more, but this website focuses on what your Zodiac sign reveals about you, regarding your character traits, your relationsships, your annual forecast, and so on.

The Horoscope

The age old system of astrology is very complex. Its major instrument, the horoscope, consists of much more than the Zodiac sign of the sun. The whole Zodiac is considered. So are all the planets of our solar system, their positions in the Zodiac and the angles between. In addition, there are the twelve astrological Houses.

       But the Zodiac sign position of the sun is still a very important part of astrology, just as the sun has quite a prominent presence in the sky and for life on earth.

The Zodiac Sun Sign

In astrology, your Zodiac sun sign mainly describes your basic character traits, your fundamental personality - especially when you are at rest, not involved in one or other intense activity.

       When you get involved in specific activities, usually the other heavenly bodies of your horoscope are at work. But in between, the characteristics of your sun's Zodiac sign will be what you express. Of course, they are also detectable in your activities, but the traits of your sun sign are the most evident when you are at rest, uninvolved in pressing matters.

       Just as the sun is by far the greatest of the heavenly bodies in our solar system, its gravity keeping all the planets in their orbits, the sun is a major influence in the horocope. It makes sort of an always present background influence. So, the sun position in your horoscope demands a lot of attention.

       On this website, you find much more information about the sun and its role in Zodiac sign astrology. Click the MENU button on top to see the table of contents.

       Also, there are links to websites of mine dedicated to each of the twelve Zodiac signs, presenting their character traits, compatibility with other Zodiac signs, astrological forecasts for each year since 2012, and so on.

       I hope you find exploring this material rewarding.

The Zodiac Star Constellations, by Albrecht Dürer 1515.

Zodiac Sign Meanings

Your horoscope Zodiac sign is where the sun was at the time of your birth. That's why it's called your Sun Sign. It's also called Star Sign, because of the stellar constellation it represents. Click the header to learn more about the Zodiac sign meanings.

       Here are my websites devoted to each of the Zodiac signs and their personality traits:

Aries Traits

Taurus Traits

Gemini Traits

Cancer Traits

Leo Traits

Virgo Traits

Libra Traits

Scorpio Traits

Sagittarius Traits

Capricorn Traits

Aquarius Traits

Pisces Traits

Zodiac Sign calculator.

Zodiac Sign Calculator

Are you unsure of your Zodiac sign? Here you can easily check it. You also get the degree within your Zodiac sign (between 0° and 30°). What is calculated is the sun's position in the Zodiac, as seen from earth at the time of your birth. That's your Zodiac sign (also called Sun sign or Star sign). Click the header to get to the calculator.

       For more about the dates of the Zodiac signs, what makes them differ sligthly from year to year, and how Zodiac signs are divided into decans, go here:

Zodiac Sign Dates of Birth

Quiz: What Zodiac Sign Are You Most Like?

Click the header to get to the quiz where you can check what Zodiac sign you are most like, whatever your birth sign (sun sign) is. Answer the questions about yourself and find out the sign or signs with the traits closest to yours.

Zodiac Sign Compatibility

Because the sun is such an important part of the horoscope, your sun's Zodiac sign can be compared to that of your partner, giving clues to how your relationship works out. Especially, it describes how well you fit together in everyday life, when spending your time together without being involved in any other particular goals. That's when your sun signs dominate your lives the most. Click the header to read more about Zodiac sign compatibility.

       Here are my websites about how compatible the twelve Zodiac signs are with one another:

Aries Compatibility

Taurus Compatibility

Gemini Compatibility

Cancer Compatibility

Leo Compatibility

Virgo Compatibility

Libra Compatibility

Scorpio Compatibility

Sagittarius Compatibility

Capricorn Compatibility

Aquarius Compatibility

Pisces Compatibility

Zodiac Sign Sex Horoscope

The horoscope also reveals what your sex life is like. That's not only done by the Zodiac sign of the sun, but also by the planets, astrological Houses, and aspects. I've made a whole section about how to track sexuality in the complete horoscope on my in depth astrology site:

Sex in the Horoscope

       Still, why not start with an introduction to the subject, by reading what the sun's Zodiac sign of the horoscope has to say about your sexuality and sexual preferences:

Aries Sex

Taurus Sex

Gemini Sex

Cancer Sex

Leo Sex

Virgo Sex

Libra Sex

Scorpio Sex

Sagittarius Sex

Capricorn Sex

Aquarius Sex

Pisces Sex

Zodiac Sign 2016 Horoscope Forecasts

The basis of the 2016 Zodiac sign forecast is the 2016 New Year Horoscope, but also the movements of the planets during the year. A complete astrological forecast is done using the whole horocope birth chart, but also the sun's Zodiac sign position in itself gives some clues. At least, you get some idea about general tendencies through the year, and what major things it may involve for you. Click the header to read more about annual horoscope forecasting.

       Here are my websites presenting the 2016 forecast for the twelve Zodiac signs:

Aries 2016

Taurus 2016

Gemini 2016

Cancer 2016

Leo 2016

Virgo 2016

Libra 2016

Scorpio 2016

Sagittarius 2016

Capricorn 2016

Aquarius 2016

Pisces 2016

The Zodiac symbols.

Zodiac Sign Symbols

Each of the twelve Zodiac signs has its own symbol, also called glyph. Click the header to read more about them and their background.

The complete horoscope chart.

The Complete Horoscope

Astrology is much more than the Zodiac sign of the sun. The complete horoscope chart shows the positions of all the planets at the time of birth. It also contains the twelve astrological Houses and certain significant angles (aspects) between the planets. For all about it, click on the header to go to my website on the astrological meaning of the complete horoscope.

My Astrology Book

Your Health in Your Horoscope. Book by Stefan Stenudd.

Your Health in Your Horoscope

This book explains what your horoscope says about your health, according to the old tradition of medical astrology. You learn what the Zodiac signs, the planets, and the other ingredients of the horoscope reveal about many health issues and different types of illnesses. Also, celebrity horoscope charts are used to show how a health reading is made. Click the image to see the book (and Kindle ebook) at Amazon.


Zodiac Sign Calculator

Zodiac Sign Meanings

What Sign Are You Most Like?

Zodiac Sign Compatibility

2017 Zodiac Sign Forecast

Zodiac Sign Dates of Birth

Zodiac Sign Symbols

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Zodiac character traits, forecasts, compatibility, sexuality, symbolism and more. Each Zodiac sign has its own website:

Aries Sign

Taurus Sign

Gemini Sign

Cancer Sign

Leo Sign

Virgo Sign

Libra Sign

Scorpio Sign

Sagittarius Sign

Capricorn Sign

Aquarius Sign

Pisces Sign

Complete Astrology

Explanations and readings of full horoscope charts.

Complete Horoscope

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